Upon receipt of job orders from the employer, we start pooling qualified candidates.We go through our computerized data bank, post advertisements in the leading newspapers or attend job fairs in the provinces to ensure that we have enough number of candidates for each category.


Our senior staffs conduct the pre-screening of candidates and see to it that only those who qualified are endorsed to the employer for final interview and approval.


We request the employer to send their representative to the philippines to conduct the final interview. If this is not possible, we send the biodata of qualified candidates to the employer for final approval. If necessary, we require the candidates to undergo trade testing.


After the final interview, the approved candidate is cent to our accredited clinic for physical, medical and psychological examination. The clinic will certify whether he/she is FIT or UNFIT TO WORK.


The approved candidates should submit all the requirements, I.e.passport, NBI clearance, medical certificate and other documents that may by necessary to process their papers. Processing at Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) will be done after the accreditation of the principal/employer. For countries using NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATES (NOC), an authenticated employment contract is required. After processing at POEA, the passport, together with all pertinent documents, is submitted to the embassy of the host country for Visa stamping. For countries using NOC, the Visa is stamped upon arrival of the worker at port of entry.


All contract workers are required to attend the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) prior to their deployment.